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Hit the Refresh Button

February 25, 2018


God’s been trying to get my attention for the past few weeks. He’s been pursuing me, but I haven’t been doing the same. The end of February or beginning of March is about the time when resolutions start to break apart, but this year I’m using this time to remind myself of the goal to live intentionally and to be passionate about my purpose.


With all the busyness and distractions of life, it’s been easy to push aside time with God. Late nights, early mornings and jam-packed days have been my excuses for not sitting down and spending time in His word. Last week, I decided to open my Bible and my journal after too many days have gone by, and I was reminded of how refreshing it is to spend time in His word. It is truly rewarding to make time for Him. I could see a change in my attitude throughout the week when I started praying more often and praying with a purpose rather than praying just to say I prayed. I slowed down my thoughts and my days to notice His presence. I could finally hear God and listen to what He’s been trying to tell me for awhile now.


While I was journaling, I listened to the song “Not in a Hurry” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit. The chorus says, “I’m not in a hurry when it comes to your spirit, when it comes to your presence, when it comes to your voice. I’m learning to listen, just to rest in your nearness. I’m starting to notice you are speaking.” The lyrics hit me over the head with a softball bat. I realized that my job and my work are not supposed to swallow up my day so that I feel like I don’t have time to pray or to talk with God. Sure, my full-time job is time demanding and it spills into the weekends and hours outside of the office; but I can still make time in my day for my Savior. I can pray in the car on the way to work, I can do a devotion during my lunch hour, I can make time right before bed to reflect and to pray some more. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to fill my day up with Jesus even while I’m in an office for most of it.


I’m reminding myself to slow down and to listen for God. I’m actually trying to notice that He is speaking to me, exactly as the song goes. It’s still the beginning of the year, and I’m never too far from God to come right back to Him.


So this week, I want all of you who are reading this post to pause. Just stop what you’re doing and think about your resolutions for 2018. Are you achieving them? If you’re struggling to find time in your day to spend with God, I’m challenging you to make Him a priority. Set aside a time in your day when you know you can spend with Him, no matter what it looks like, how long or how short of a time it is. Make time for Him, and you will hear just what you need to hear.  

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